Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A Watched Pot....

You know the old saying, "A watched pot never boils?" Last night I found out what happens to an UNwatched pot.

After work last night, I washed dishes, then began to put together the ingredients for SusanV's Spicy Collards and Black-eyed Pea Soup. I was going to make it Saturday, oops, no green pepper. Hubby picked a couple up for me Sunday, but I postponed making it until Monday night. I chopped veggies, put the peas on to simmer, assembled my spices for finishing up the soup before work today. Ooh, I thought I was so organized! A couple of things I was going to have to make a substitute for, the chipotle and the hot sauce, which I was going to use Sriracha in it's place.

I was timing the black-eyed peas, waiting to go to bed..when I began to smell them. Hmmm. It was time for them to be done, so I went into the kitchen to find a bone-dry pot...oh, please, nooooo. I dumped some water in, heard much sizzling...stirred just a bit. It wasn't just dry, the bottom was BURNT. Black. The addition of the water made the odor spread through every room in the house. Well. At least my dishes got washed, I guess.

This morning, after me gloomily reporting what happened to our lunch for tonight at work, Hubby laughed and remembered dreaming I had concocted some kind of herbal cure for snoring, and remembered thinking, "This smells awful, I think I would rather SNORE!" (I must remember to NOT let him watch herbal shows with me before he goes to sleep).

Guess we need to leave early for work, to get something to eat! (smile)


Ruth said...

LOL! I have a horrible tendency to burn lima beans. Nothing else--just lima beans! I know that feeling well--you look in the pot hoping you caught them in time, and then you catch a whiff...and you know they're going straight out to the compost!

Sherry said...

Oh man, the dreaded Scorched Lima Bean. LOL! I love green limas, but my first husband wanted BUTTER beans, made from dried beans. I'd never had them. I did not know they cooked into some kinda of thick, mealy paste (IMO!), and I did not know they needed close watching...uggg. That bad memory from my early twenties made me afraid to try the Butterbean & Corn chowder...but glad I did, it was a successful recipe, plus helped me conquer my old hang-up.