Monday, December 15, 2008

Blog, Interrupted

I have only cooked ONE TIME since the Burnt Black-Eyed Pea fiasco...I made an enormous pot of potato soup to take to work, for a little at-work celebration for a co-worker's birthday. Soup, for me, is the easiest way to feed a large group of people a healthy meal. It was a WW recipe, but I had to make adjustments to it to fill my giant 7-quart crock pot. I like to take as much as I can--that way I am free to invite as many people that I want, and tell them to spread the word. I rarely have leftovers! I enjoy seeing people coming over and enjoying the is such a small way to make people happy, and I know that it breaks up the monotony that is Factory Life. It was also a way to share with the many temporary workers we've had for months...whose last day was Friday, due to cut-backs.

My cooking and blog experiments have been temporarily interrupted by a dental emergency...soft, soup like foods are the Rx (along with some antibiotics and pain pills), but this writer has NOT been cooking them! Hopefully it will be resolved soon, because Life in Limbo is not fun. The positive side: I lost 2 pounds at my WW meeting Saturday morning!

Saturday morning was also the day I received the 1st of the new Momentum® materials. It makes sense, and I am looking forward to a fresh new start. Sometimes just a small change like that is enough to give you boost of enthusiasm.

Saturday was spent in Knoxville with my daughter, where she had managed to find a Chinese restaurant that served Pho! (Yay, more soup!). Then after shopping, our late night light meal was some sushi & seaweed salad at Wasabi. Sunday, Husband & I went to Nashville, and I was able to have MORE Pho, and witness my normally mild-mannered spouse rant about Cilantro. It is just a bit disturbing to see someone who is easy-going, rarely complains, to get so....EXTREME, in his opinion on a simple green herb. They had garnished his meal with fresh cilantro...I quickly lifted it off after the waitress walked away. But he still had a look of disgust when he bit into where the food had just touched. I have seen my daughter ask for EXTRA cilantro when we have soup at Taste of Thai in Knoxville. I guess it is true what I have read: Cilantro is an either love-or-hate herb.

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